About Us

Ever wake up and hit snooze, only to count the minutes until you absolutely had to be ready for work? Ever watched time pass behind a desk and wonder, could you be doing more? We had, and it sparked the desire to change our lives. We grew tired of trading time for money and not living the life we wanted, so we decided to follow our passion for entrepreneurship instead.

We are Loose Cannon Food Truck! Locally owned and operated by Adrian Bylewski, Evan Bylewski and Jordan Davis, Loose Cannon Food Truck is about BUFFALO. We were born and raised here and we love this city. We love the people of this city. We believe in embracing creativity and thinking outside of the box. Loose Cannon Food Truck is MORE than a truck. We are a mobile restaurant service committed to providing Western New York with fresh, globally inspired, locally sourced, creative and delicious food any time and any place (almost). Whether it's on the street, in your home, or at your workplace, we strive to be available for all culinary wants and needs. From private events, to wedding receptions, cocktail parties, pop up dinners and more, Loose Cannon food truck has you covered.